About Us

Over the last 15 to 20 years the marketing and Communication world in India has widened to include the rural and the social sector. Companies, Research and Communication Organizations, Management Institutes, Media and various other bodies have started focusing on these sectors. There is a continuous endeavor to engage with this sector, to learn and apply and reach out to make efforts more relevant and effective. However for all the parties engaged in such activities the efforts have often been unwieldy and cumbersome due to inadequate availability of a platform or institutionalized organization which can facilitate such participation.

We have taken up the challenge of creating such a platform. To start with the RURAL CAMPUS has been set up in the heart of rural Bihar in Madhubani district. Surrounded by a number of smaller villages, the Campus provides complete facilities for all kinds of activities anyone would like to engage, both for learning and application in the areas of marketing, communication and research, including accommodation for individuals and groups. The most essential part of rural and social marketing and communication planning is of providing the plan with a touch n feel. Touch n feel comes from the interactions both with the people and markets in actual environment and make any efforts collaborative and highly effective.

One of the important aspects of enhancing marketing and communication effectiveness is to design one’s strategy on clear understanding of the CONSUMER INSIGHT backed by market and media understanding. Rural Campus will provide that opportunity for all learners and practitioners so that the strategies/creative developed are well founded. We also expect RURAL CAMPUS to become a knowledge hub.

You can come and stay here for the period relevant to your needs, you can come on a holiday and stay to enjoy and soak in the peace and harmony of rural life and enrich yourselves.

We plan to extend this unique effort under the brand name RURAL CAMPUS to other parts of India. We are quite confident that with your support and encouragements this innovative approach will make practitioners of marketing and communication creates more effective campaigns.
Rajkumar Jha